• Lithend are a really trustworthy and efficient company of landlords!! They''re very understanding and are willing to help you out - especially if you''re gonna be a bit short come rent day!!! They are also very fair - if you don''t have a garden (i.e us) they''ll give you a lovely new bathroom or something similar!! Their houses are clean and always very very nicely furnished. Bills included - genius! However I don''t know how i''ll work that out in the real world. And - most importantly - they are extremely good at letting you know when they''re due to come round (altough we all know that''s only because they expect a cuppa and some biscuits on arrival!!) We love lithend!!! xxx

    - Katie Waring
  • Loving the new website guys, very student orientated, just have to say, Lithend are really good landlords, any problems we have in our house are rectified very quickly, furthermore the guys at Lithend are really nice people and easy to get on with, which makes you feel important, which is a fantastic quality in a landlord.

    - Alan
  • Great new website guys! Lithend are great landlords and very good at coming to our rescue in times of need and trouble! :) Our house is lovely, some have said one of the nicest they''ve seen especially because it is student property and it''s well furnished and very easy to look after! :)

    - Laura
  • Very impressed with the house we stay in, and am more than happy to stay here for the next 2 years of my course. Lithend are generally fast on maintenance, easy going landlords, and they have great properties. The houses are furnished well, and decoration is pretty smart! Lithend are the way forward in student accomodation in Winchester!

    - Tom