Frequently Asked Student Questions

  • When can I move in?

    Your tenancy begins on the 1st July. You can move in from that day onwards unless.

    ** Please do be aware that if you move in during the first 3 days of July we may not have had time to clean the property. If it hasn't been done it will be done as soon as possible **

  • Guarantor

    Each person in your group is required to have a guarantor with a permanent UK address.  This is normally a parent or guardian.  Your guarantor will be asked to sign a legally binding document stating that they will pay your rent if you do not.  If your guarantor lives in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Northern Ireland please contact us.

  • Fees

    None! ... yes that's right NONE!

  • Deposit

    None! yes that's right NONE!

  • Yuck! The property hasn't been cleaned!

    Your house will be cleaned thoroughly by professional cleaners. If you are planning on moving in during the first 3 days in July we will aim to get your house cleaned as a priority but please be aware that we may not have had time to clean yet. Most of our tenants don't move out until the 30th June so it's impossible to get all of our houses cleaned by the 1st July. Your house will be cleaned there just may be a slight delay.  Please be aware that we do NOT clean carpets.

  • Can I move in early?

    It is sometimes possible for you to move in early.  Please contact the office for assistance.

  • Can I move my belongings into the property before the start of the tenancy?

    This is sometimes possible but you will need to have the permission of the current tenants.  If they give their permission please can you make sure all of your items are clearly marked "Incoming Tenant" and placed neatly (preferably in cupboards). Our cleaners will not be able to clean where your belongings are so please bear this in mind.  Anything not clearly marked will be thrown away!

  • Decorating

    Although we try very hard, it may not possible for us to carry out all decorating and repairs before you move in.  If any work is required in the house we will let you know and we will aim to get it done as quickly as we can for you.  If there is anything that you feel needs decorating please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

  • The Inventory

    An inventory will be sent to the property by September. This is a simple document listing the contents and condition of your home with a brief description. It will also include meter readings. Please check this carefully and make any changes you think are necessary and then send us a copy.

  • Telephone/Internet

    You will need to contact BT to ascertain whether there is a telephone line going into the house. Please do bear in mind that any telephone or internet packages you get may be subject to a minimum contract of 12 months. 

    In most of our properties broadband is included in the rent. Please see individual property descriptions for further information. Where broadband is provided you will be able to access this through wireless connection.

  • Can we have pets?

    NO! It is a condition of your tenancy that you don't have pets. Cats and dogs are a total no-no however we do not have a problem with the odd goldfish or hamster provided it doesn't upset the neighbours! Please contact the office for help and advice.

  • Can I have a lock on my bedroom door?

    NO! Locks on bedroom doors create all manner of problems including those of a safety nature not to mention insurance and complications with TV licenses. You have signed a joint and several tenancy agreement not individual agreements.

  • Can we put up shelves?

    YES! Well you can't but we will do it for you. If you would like to have shelves in your room please email us. We are more than happy to put them up for you all we ask is that you leave them at the end of your tenancy.

  • Do I need insurance?

    We insure the building but you will need to insure the contents - both ours and yours. Companies such as Endsleigh have policies specifically designed for students so give them a try.  It may also be worth checking with your parents to see if their policy covers you whilst you are away from home.

  • Do I have to pay Council Tax?

    NO! if you are in full time education you do not need to pay Council Tax. You will each need to get a certificate of full time education from the University and send this off to the Council.

  • Can We stay another year?

    YES! When we begin to receive interest for the following year (generally October/November) we contact all of our current tenants and give them first refusal. If you want to stay you will be asked to sign a new agreement.  If one or more of your existing group plans to leave at the end of the tenancy you will need to find others to take their place.

  • I'm leaving University - What happens about my room?

    As you have signed a tenancy agreement for a year, you are liable to pay your portion of the rent regardless of whether you live at the property or not.  It may be possible for us to release you from the agreement if you find a suitable replacement.  If you need to leave University and therefore your house, you must contact the office immediately for assistance.

  • Do we need a TV licence?

    YES! According to the TV Licensing people "if your house can be treated as one place shared by all then only one TV licence is required. A joint tenancy agreement would normally indicate that there is only one separately occupied place" We understand this to mean that only 1 TV licence will be required regardless of the number of TVs you have in the house (for halls of residence this is totally different).  Please see the TV licensing website for further details.

  • Can we have Sky/Cable installed?

    YES! The installer will generally ask permission from the landlord.  Simply give them our details. Please do be aware that contracts usually last for 12 months.

  • What happens if something breaks?

    We have our own maintenance teams who can fix pretty much anything and everything (well almost!!).They are all extremely trustworthy and helpful.  We also operate an emergency service during evenings and weekends.

    Any general maintenance requests should be reported via email or the maintenance request page in the student area of the website. 

    Emergency call out details are located within the property.

  • Who looks after the garden?

    We do!!

  • Gas, Electricity & Water

    These are all included in your rent so you don't need to do anything. Meter readings will be taken at the start of your tenancy and then every 3 months until the end. Smart Meters are currently being installed so you can easily see how much is being used.  If you are using above average amounts of gas, electricity or water you may be charged. This doesn mean you need to panic and live in darkness it just means be sensible. If you leave a room turn off the light, don't leave TVs etc on standby - turn them off, don't use the tumble dryer in the summer when you can dry your clothes outside, don't leave taps running while you wash up/brush your teeth.

  • When will I receive my key?

    Details will be sent closer to the start of the tenancy regarding how and when to pick your key up. The first person to move in will normally sign for all the keys for the house.

    If you are not moving in at the start of the tenancy will can arrange to post your key, providing you let us know well in advance , so that the relevant keys can be collected from the properties.

  • Can we put up pictures/posters?

    YES! We don't mind you putting up posters providing that they don't damage the walls. DO NOT USE BLU TAK or anything that when removed leaves greasy marks otherwise you will be charged to make good the wall .  We generally don't mind you putting up pictures either but please email the office first for advice.